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Keya Seth Aromatherapy, Alopex Penta Active 10 Water Based Solution for New Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control, Enriched with Korean Red Ginseng, Biotin…

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Hair Growth Solution: A blend of 5 Essential Oils & 5 Hair Nutrients imbued in a single, Non-Oily, Non-Sticky formula for Preventing Hair Fall, Boosting Hair Growth & Promoting overall Hair Health; Free from side effects
Clinically Proven: The Clinical Test results have shown 94% participants had NEW HAIR Growth & REDUCED HAIR LOSS: complies with the World Medical Association (WMA) & Schedules of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act
Improved Hair Health: Biotin prevents hair loss by enhancing Keratin Infrastructure; Vitamin E with Antioxidants Protects hair from breakage & adds Shine
Hair Gain Treatment: The 5 Active Hair Nutrients that contain hair loss & Promote Hair Growth; Korean Red Ginseng helps in Hair Gain; Caffeine Stimulates Hair Roots; Essential Oils Improve Scalp Condition & Hair Appearance
How To Use: Apply 5-7ml once daily on clean & dry scalp, preferably after bath; in case of acute hair fall, use twice daily with Root Active Hair Vitalizer; for best results, use with Alopex Penta Active Hair Fall Shampo, You are expected to see noticeable change in your hair fall amount within 15-20 days of daily use. Alive/Dormant hair follicles will initiate regrowth by 90-120 days of application (the time may vary from person to person)